Chris Yerlig AKA Hoopoe The Clowne has been performing mime and clown shows since 1985, when he began his career with a street act in Europe. Since then his work has taken him the world over. He has toured the Dominican Rebublic, Cameroon and Benin with Project Troubador, an organization that sends performers to developing countries to assist with AIDS awareness education. Chris has performed with Circus America at the Olympic Games Pan-Athenic Festival in Athens, GA and in Puerto Rico he played a clown for Circo Mundial as well as directing their Clown Doctor Program, which visited hospitals
Chris has taught mime and comedy theater in many schools and summer camps throughout the Northeast, and he has worked extensively with Vermont's Northern Stage, coaching teen summer theater. He has also assisted the comedy duo Gould and Sterns with New England Youth Theater productions. Chris has over 20 of performing experience!!